Everyone has a Story to Tell … 


… and those stories need to be told. That’s the core belief that drives our creative approach to digital storytelling at KM Documentary Film and Digital Stories. Founded and led by Ken Matheson, an independent documentary filmmaker, we are committed to connecting viewers with people, places, and unrivaled experiences through visual storytelling.

Whether revealing a previously untold chapter of Canadian history, or wilderness tales of adventure where Grizzlies and Orcas take centre stage, Matheson, an expressive and compelling storyteller, has a unique ability to uncover and share stories that inspire audiences and stimulate thought.

We believe stories matter. Passionately. And that’s why we produce, direct, edit, and narrate real stories – with real character and real people at their core, independently, or in collaboration.


  • Writer and director Ken Matheson, listened to an idea and heart of a subject near to my heart, turning it into a beautifully written story and film.  He determined all the particulars; writing, videography, sound, interviews and organized it into a quality touching documentary. His editorial skills kept the film visually affective and communicated a unique vision, creating a thoughtful understanding to the films sensitive subject.

  • Working with Ken Matheson on the creation of the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary orientation video was an enjoyable and stress free experience. Ken demonstrated professional and diligent work in all aspects of the project and created an exceptional product for BC Parks and the Lax Kw’alaams Band. Thank you Ken for your patience and efforts in pulling the many facets together to help tell the story of the Khutzeymateen.